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Explore Life Coaching, Patti Phillips

Yeah! That’s what I Said

You know how sometimes you come across a presentation, a motivational speech, an article or maybe a blog and everything that’s being expressed is exactly what you think? But somehow you just haven’t gotten around to saying it or writing it down.

For me, whenever this happens, it stirs up a few reactions in me. First, there’s a comfort in knowing I’m not alone in my thinking. Then if it’s a well-know person or an expert, it makes me feel validated in that I actually may be smart. And third (I don’t like this reaction), I get mad at myself for not having expressed it before this other person did. It makes me feel like I missed my opportunity to be the one to “spread the news”.

So, here’s my current solution to not be mad about something that seems to me to be petty.

  • When I come across something that totally resonates with me; I want to be grateful to the person for sharing the information.
  • If my ideas are already contained within someone else’s creation, I don’t have to use my energy to create it. That’s a good thing.
  • I want to sit with the feeling of validation; it’s an awesome feeling that unfortunately doesn’t happen often enough.
  • I will share the article/resource with others who may be in need of the information.

Which now leads me now to sharing this thoughtful article below about mid-life and how to get through it. It brings together many of my thoughts about mid-life; what it feels like, that it is different for different people, that acknowledging feelings is extremely important, and some strategies to get through it.

Caught in the middle: The mid-life crisis and how to get through it

One of the strategies suggested in the article is to seek support. And of course, that validates me even further as I think my coaching it that support for those people who become restless and simply don’t know where to direct their energy.

Please enjoy, let me know what you think. AND pass it on to others who need to know more about getting through mid-life.

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