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Walk, Sing, Dance

I love to walk. I love music. But rarely do I put the two together. I thought the reason why I typically don’t walk with  music and earphones was because it prevents me from hearing all the sounds of nature and the rest of my environment. But tonight I discovered the real reason why I don’t walk with music.

My iPod contains a lot of music and I really only put my favorites on it. Some of the songs are from the seventies and my junior high days when music started to mean something to me and lots of songs are the nineties when I was in my thirties and did lots of road trips. But what is common among all the songs that I put on my iPod is that I have to be able to sing along. I may or may not know all the words, but if I don’t I make them up.

So tonight when I chose to take my music along during my walk, I discovered that it was almost impossible to walk without singing along! It was a petty cold evening so there weren’t a lot of people out and about so I don’t think I got caught by anyone listening in to my off-key vocals. At first, I tried to just sing in my head but then I noticed my lips were mouthing the words so I couldn’t be sure that no sound was coming out. Then when I was in the park, I decided I could sing at a normal tone, but with earphones you never really know how loud you are. I guess it was loud enough because it caught the attention of my dog who was along for the walk. It almost got to the point of the walk not being enjoyable because I was so self-conscious with the fear that someone would hear me and I was putting a lot of energy into trying to stifle myself. It all got worse when “Play That Funky Music” hit the playlist and I started to dance, too! Again I managed to contain myself and luckily is was already quite dark so I don’t believe I was exposed.

So I learned the really reason I don’t usually walk with music. You may think that it’s because I have to try so hard to stop myself from singing and dancing and therefore I can’t enjoy the walk. But the real reason I don’t walk with music is because I am afraid of being “caught” enjoying myself and being completely free to do what I am very organically moved to do. This is disappointing. So here are my three options going forward. 1) Avoid walking with music at all costs. 2) Take my music on my regular walking route, sing and dance when I am inclined and endure any judging looks that come my way or 3) make walking with music a special event and go someplace where I know I will be out of earshot and eyesight of others. I think I will try number 3 tomorrow…but I won’t tell anyone where I am going (except my dog will be along for the show).

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