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Vote From Your Heart

Just yesterday, I was driving home from a week-end visit with family and spent six hours in the car listening to CBC radio. With less than a week to go before our federal election, the majority of the broadcast was focused on this topic.

One of the stories had interviewed a number of people who were asked why they choose not to vote. A response from one young woman, “I don’t know how to vote”,   clearly articulated what I have been pondering for the last couple of weeks about why so many people are reluctant to cast their ballot. Now, this response wasn’t referring to the practicalities of voting like going to the polling station, getting the ballot, and marking the “X”. It was a question of “How do I decide who to vote for?” “How do I choose between the different parties?” “Who do I want to represent me?”

For me, the answer is simple; vote from your heart. This means spending time to become clear about your own values, beliefs, and passions. Of course no one party will be consistent with everything that you believe. However, if you can prioritize your top three to five values, the things that are essential for you to live a fulfilled life, you have a gauge to assess which party most reflects your values. Take the time to explore all the parties and decide which one you believe best matches your view of what Canada is, and could be, and vote for that party.

Becoming clear on your values is the first step to taking responsibility for your life, your community, your country, and your world. Vote from your heart to express your values to those that are tasked with representing the values of Canada to the rest of the world.

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