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Top Reasons to do a Winter Retreat in Manitoba

I know it may sound like a crazy idea. Aren’t most people dreaming of escaping our Manitoba winter rather than becoming more immersed in it?

It may not be as crazy as you think and here are some reasons why:

This year is Manitoba’s 150th anniversary

So it’s the perfect year to appreciate one of the things that makes our province unique, which is our winter.

No flight required.

In the time it takes to get to the airport and arrive one hour early, you could be at your Manitoba destination so much less travel time is required.

$30-$50 in gas vs. $600-$2000 in plane ticket.

Significantly smaller carbon footprint. Commercial airline travel is one of the worst ways to travel when it comes to carbon emissions. Car travel also isn’t great but driving a shorter distance obviously creates fewer emissions. And when you travel with more than one person in a car, the carbon footprint is further reduced.

No fear of FOMO.

FOMO stands for “fear of missing out”.

For me, when I travel far from home, I want to take full advantage of seeing and experiencing new things and having adventure. I do not want to be in a retreat mindset that invites me to be still, introspective, and focused on personal growth and healing.

By retreating close to home in Manitoba, I don’t feel like I’m missing out.


When I look at the various retreats being offered in Manitoba, they are typically very simple, in a good way. They range in length from 2-6 days so you can find ones that don’t require you to use (many) vacation days. They are all-inclusive, which is not always the case. And they are in cottage or home-like settings.

The retreats that come up when I look online for far away places are typically not simple. They are often in hotel-like complexes that may include hundreds of people. Personally, that’s not the kind of retreat experience that appeals to me.

Experience the Full Beauty of the Winter Season

I think most of us can agree that a sunny day in winter is a beautiful vision. There’s nothing better than seeing a clear blue sky contrasting the white blanket of the ground and the sun creating sparkles in the snow.

But there’s more than visual beauty to winter. There’s a sense of winter that is spiritual rather than physical. Winter invites us to step into the beauty of stillness, quiet, and withdrawal.

I invite you, as we settle into the midst of the winter season, to consider a winter retreat in Manitoba rather than a winter escape from Manitoba.

The two Explore Life Retreats offered this winter are:

February 14-17 – A Winter’s Embrace Retreat

For details click here

4 spots in total available, which keeps the environment restful and spacious.

March 29-April 3 – Heal Your Heart Retreat: Learning to Let Go

For more details click here

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