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Stay Close to Journey Far

I’ve done my fair share of travelling in my life time. From road trips as a kid to taking a year off to travel the world in 2007. During the year of world travel, I kept a journal to make sure I remembered my experiences but mostly to document the lessons and personal/spiritual growth that happened for me. From seeing people in third world countries express pure joy when they had almost nothing to navigating the stresses of being deposited in completely foreign cultures, there was so much to learn about the world and myself. When we step away from our regular patterns, routines and environments, our brain is much more open to allowing in new perspectives and ideas. In the ten years since the round the world trip, I’ve tended to stay closer to home. I’ve done things in Manitoba I had not done previously. Like a canoe trip on the Bloodvein River where scenery rivaled the waterways of Thailand. Or a road trip to northern Manitoba which included an overnight backpack to Kwasitchewan Falls, the highest water fall in the province. The perseverance required to hike 22 km in Manitoba with 35 pounds on my back was the same as what was required to hike the same distance in Patagonia, Argentina. I know I am very privileged to have traveled as much as I have and experienced so much of the world. Not everyone has that opportunity for a variety of reasons. It could be due to limited time to get away for extended periods. There could be other financial priorities. Or it could be something like a health issue that simply makes it impossible to travel far from home. I’ve heard so many stories from women who long to go on some sort of adventure or retreat to focus on their own interests, needs and self-care. But because there’s a preconceived notion that we have to go far from where we live to have a profound growth experience, many women rule out the possibility of going on a retreat or other life expanding adventure. It’s my belief that the distance you go from where you live makes no difference to the growth experience you have. But there are some things that I think are essential if you intend to use retreat, travel, or adventure to advance your personal growth (instead of waiting for life circumstances to force change).

  • Make yourself a priority and set all obligations to other people aside.
  • Commit a minimum of 24 hours to be away from your obligations. This allows you to be attentive to the natural cycle the mind and body goes through in a day.
  • Choose to be in a new and unfamiliar environment which allows you to open your heart and mind to new perspectives and experiences.
  • The environment you choose should be calm, peaceful and slow paced enough that you have the space to connect with your inner knowing and wisdom.
  • Let someone else take care of you. Let them make your meals, do the dishes, and plan the schedule. This will allow you to focus on taking care of your mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

 Upcoming Explore Life Retreats

Explore Life Coaching is now offering various retreat in a newly acquired property on the edge of the most beautiful town in Manitoba.

The Nurtured by Nature Retreat and Playhouse in Pinawa, Manitoba allows you to “stay close to journey far.”

In just over an hour of driving from Winnipeg, you will arrive in the tiny town of Pinawa that borders the Whiteshell Provincial Park. You are in stunning Canadian Shield land. There is easy access to hiking and biking trails, paddling routes, and spiritual sites.

All the things that support a powerful retreat are available here. We are starting with a range of offerings from the 24 hour “Recreating Retirement Retreat” in May to the upcoming “Fill Your Plate Retreat next week to four days of “Camp Kidagain” in late August. Below are the current offering with more to come.

Fill Your Plate Week-end Retreat   April 28-30

Click here to read all the details

The deadline for registration is this Sunday, April 23


Recreating Retirement 24 Hour Retreat:

The Best You for Part Two   May 9-10

Click here for the details


Your Story Your Song Music Camp   May 30 – June 1

Details are still being finalized. Think reflecting on and learning from you past, strumming on a ukulele, and campfire singing.


Camp Kidagain   July 27-31

Details to come but hoping the name helps you imagine what it’s about.


Custom Retreats

We can also customize retreats to meet your group needs. Space is available for up to 8 people and support can be chosen to fit your your group’s intentions. Please contact me to explore the options.

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