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Running Your Own Pace

Jack Canfield, “The Chicken Soup for the…” author, has collected some incredible stories of inspiration. I particularly enjoy this one as it exemplifies the capacity of each one of us to come up with our own best solutions to achieve our own goals. We are often compelled to follow someone else’s path or look for solutions outside of ourselves. However, being aware of our strengths and limitations as well as having a belief in ourselves, goes a long way in achieving greatness.

This is very consistent with the approach of co-creative life coaching. It is not the coach’s job to give their client a training program or a preset plan or a tried and true answer to the client’s situation. The coach holds a fundamental belief that each person is whole, creative, and resourceful. The coaching relationship is such that it supports the client to explore and discover their values, personal needs, strengths, and limitations with the result of reaching one’s full potential.

Enjoy The Farmer Marathon

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