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Pembina Valley Day Trip

One of my favorite things about having adventures is telling the stories afterwards. As an adventure retreat guide, I have conveniently built experiencing adventures into my job description for partly that purpose; to tell the stories and share the images.

Yesterday was an adventure day. I packed my car with some snacks, some drinks, binoculars, a camera and my mom. We drove to the Pembina Valley southwest of Morris, Manitoba to watch the annual raptor migration (I heard about it earlier this week on CBC radio).

There were at least twenty cars parked on the downward slope of the north side of the valley on the gravel road #201 when we arrived at our destination. It was actually a little scary to drive down, especially for us flatlanders. Even though I have travelled a fair amount in Manitoba and I am well aware that it is not all prairie, I am always a little surprised when I get into terrain that has some change in elevation. It was such an amazingly beautiful day yesterday with it being our warmest temperatures of the year so far along with the bonus of a clear blue sky. It didn’t matter much that we didn’t see many migrating birds of prey. We saw about eight red tailed hawks but none of the bald eagles we had hoped for. According to the official bird counter volunteers, it was a slow day. The view of the valley, the contrast of the blue sky with the snow, the sound of water running down a melting creek bed, and a day trip with my mom made this a great day.

Well, sometimes an adventure is so engaging that I forget it has become part of my job, and that’s when I know it’s a good one. The Pembina Valley so impressed me that it didn’t even occur to me to take a picture until I was 30 minutes into my return home.

May your adventures be so engaging that the images are forever recorded in your memory.

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