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New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings

I haven’t shared very many blogs over the last few months and I’ve been hesitant to publish this one. It feels much like when I haven’t talked to a friend for a while. I sometimes think too much time has passed between contact and maybe I’ve just been forgotten. Or I wonder if maybe the other person thinks I have forgotten them. And sometimes I just feel guilty about not having made effort and as long as I keep putting things off, I don’t have to acknowledge my responsibility in re-establishing a connection.

I could offer the standard excuse that “I’ve been busy” but that just wouldn’t be true. What is more true is that I’ve simply needed time to allow myself to be and to do some heart healing. June and July were difficult months with the deaths of my beloved pets, Chobe and Sedona. It now seems prophetic that the year I chose “HEALING” as my word of the year, I found myself grieving these significant losses.

Another significant loss I acknowledged in the last month was that I reached a milestone with my business. Explore Life Coaching had its ten year anniversary on September 9. This event was much less a celebration than a time to reflect on all the growth and challenges that I’ve faced as a new entrepreneur. Some hopes were lost and many expectations were not met while other new dreams were birthed.

Over the years, I’ve written many business plans and used “tried and true” marketing strategies but I imagine if I even pitched my business to the Dragon’s Den, I would likely get some empathetic advice from Arlene to give it up. If Explore Life was evaluated with a traditional definition of success, it would likely be judged as a failure. I’ve been disappointed many times that my programs didn’t have enough women register so they were cancelled. I’ve invested thousands of dollars into website design, Facebook ads, insurance, and promotion to design, invite, and facilitate quality and safe (emotionally and physically) programs.

So I’ve also used these last few months to heal my relationship with my business. The Grief Recovery Method has taught me well that grief is not just a response to death. It is the normal and natural response to emotional loss of any kind. Doing my Nature Therapy Guide training over the last six months has also provided significant healing (and is also inviting me on a new path).

Ten years ago I never would have imagined that my focus would now be on emotional healing. Ten years ago, my idea for life coaching was to support women to bring more adventure and exploration into their lives. With a career in therapeutic recreation up until then, I was well aware of the therapeutic power of the work I was doing but I wasn’t brave enough to claim it and name it as healing.

Today, with ten years of learning through many certification courses, my own personal growth and healing journey, and supporting hundreds of clients with their healing and growth, it feels like the puzzle pieces are now fitting together better than ever.

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings”. – Lao Tzu

As 2019 winds down and the door closes on another decade, I sense a new beginning. I see it as my responsibility to make a contribution to this planet, not just humans but the more than human world.

I’m claiming my divine role as helping women to heal the emotional wounds that they experience as a result of simply living as humans. I guide women to walk through their sadness and challenging times rather than trying to find their way around them (which simply doesn’t work in my experience).

I know through my own healing journey that when I feel peace in my heart, it opens me up to be more generous and giving. I let go of a need to consume stuff to bandage my tender heart because by acknowledging my grief, the wounds of my heart heal. In turn, consuming less is a loving and healing gesture towards nature.


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