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My Tiny, Simple Life

I’m currently three weeks into a five week road trip and have driven between 7000-8000 kms so far. It’s the simplest lifestyle I can imagine. I’m traveling in my tiny camper van which serves as my transportation, my kitchen, my living space and my bedroom. Each day unfolds with very little planning and my wife and I never really know where we’ll be parking the van to sleep. It really is a practice of living in the moment.

A tiny, minimalist lifestyle is so different than what we’re conditioned to aspire to. We’re supposed to strive for “more” and “bigger” and “better”. It’s been particularly interesting on this trip when we’ve parked beside the big 30 foot RV’s and the owners are so curious to learn about my tiny little home. What they most commonly say is “that really is all you need”. But when do we say that in “real” life? We’re far more likely to want more, have more, consume more and spend more.

It’s been particularly interesting to explore this idea of “more” while in Newfoundland. Currently it’s a province that is struggling to have enough. Enough work, enough social services, enough money, and enough of a voice.

But this wasn’t always the case. At one time, not so long ago, Newfoundland had more than enough cod. The story goes that the fish were so plentiful that one could simply drop a bucket in the ocean and it would fill with fish. In the beginning of the fishing industry, people fished simply. A line and lure and one fish caught at a time. There were enough fish for everyone and the fish and the people could sustain themselves. Slowly, with improvements in fishing technology, more and more fish could be caught at a time and this was seen great advancement. But it could not be sustained and today, there is a total collapse of the cod fishery. No more fish and no more fishers.

There’s no question in my mind that we’re at a critical time and we all need to become much more conscious of what is enough and be satisfied and content with tiny. Maybe I’m in the minority but I am happy with a simple and tiny lifestyle and I am committed to doing my part to minimize my consumption.

I recognize my work as a life coach is also tiny, in a way. I’m not interested in speaking to hundreds or thousands of people at a time like Tony Robbins. I don’t aspire to a six or seven figure income “because I’m worth it”. I don’t ask clients to invest thousands of dollars in my services.

The support I offer my clients is not typical. If you want a coach to help you get more, be more, and do more, I have no doubt there are many skilled coaches easily found. But that’s simply not me. My contribution is to live my own simple, tiny life and support other who want to be happy with enough.




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