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I Have to Move if I want to Live

These were the words of the 80 year old walker I met today.

I have to move if I want to live.

I was on my daily walk with my dog, Chobe, and because it was such a beautiful morning, we took advantage of having the time to do some extra distance. We ended up crossing the frozen river near my house and ventured into Kildonan Park. There were a number of other people walking and we said “hi” to all of them, but Chobe took a particular interest in one of the walkers and wanted to get a pat from her. We acknowledged the beautiful day and continued our laps in opposite directions. When we came upon each other again, Chobe was excited to see the woman who then commented on how much “pep” my dog had. I couldn’t help but remark that she too had a lot of pep. The woman went on to say that she was 80 years old and she walks two laps of the park everyday. She talked about some health issues that walking helps her to manage and her parting words were “I have to move if I want to live.”

The woman’s words stayed with me throughout the rest of my walk. I know enough to pay attention to the wisdom that older people share with me. The words were simple but there was some depth to them. What stood out was that she wants to live with a particular standand and she is responsible for making this happen. I imagine that everyone would be so much better off if we consciously said everyday “I want to live” and then made the choices to make sure that we move in that  direction.


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