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Lesson from Nature #692

Ok, I really have no idea what number lesson I’ve learned from being in nature…I just know it’s been a lot so 692 seemed like a good enough guess.

Everyone I’ve talked to who lives in and around Winnipeg thought this was one of the best summers ever. We had lots of sun and lots of warm weather for pretty much a three month stretch. We had very little rain so there were basically no mosquitoes. That may have been the best thing about summer as it made it so easy and peaceful to spend time outside, day and night.

Now that September is here, we’ve had lots of rain and it’s been cooler. I don’t hear very many people appreciating the wet and cold and I have to admit, I’m missing the warmth and sunshine. I’ve even avoided taking my dogs for their regular walks a couple of days because it’s cold and it makes me uncomfortable.

What struck me the other day on my dog walk (the sun was back) was how green, lush and thick the grass was. A couple of weeks ago, before the rains, I had noted how dry things were and I appreciated that I rarely had to cut my lawn this summer because it just wasn’t growing. The rain and the cooler weather (uncomfortable to me) was exactly what the grass (and trees and flowers) needed to grow and express its beauty, even if it will only be for a few weeks before the freezing temperatures arrive.

It’s not really a new lesson I learned from this observation but simply a reminder. There are rainy days in our lives that bring dark clouds and sadness. I often find myself wishing these days away and judging them as “It was a bad day”.

But I’m learning that if I’m able to give myself some space to reflect on these “bad” days, I am much more aware of where my emotions and discomfort are coming from. If I can fully accept these emotions as part of my human experience, they tend to loosen their tightening grip on my heart. Instead of the sad/uncomfortable emotions squeezing and twisting my heart, causing more pain, when I accept my feelings just as they are, they have the ability to simple hold my heart, with a gentle grip.

It’s from this place of awareness and acceptance of the rainy days of my life, that I’m able to grow and display my most alive, authentic self. Just like the grass.

P.S. This song kept running through my head as I wrote this article (love the dancing!).

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