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I have 20/20 Vision!

Over the years, the significance of the holiday season for me has shifted away from Christmas celebrations to acknowledging the coming of the new year and the winter solstice. It’s become a time to reflect on the year past and consider the intention I want to set for the upcoming year.

The way I’ve been setting intentions for the past six years is with a “Word of the Year”. It’s honestly been a life changing tool for me. Living with one prioritized focus that acts as an anchor for an entire year is very effective at keeping me mindful in a culture that invites my attention to go in a number of directions everyday that may not be in my best interest.

For 2019, my Word of the Year was “healing”. Here’s my blog that reflects on the past year and some of that journey. Two of the most significant things that have  come about from my year of focus on healing is that I have done a lot of my own emotional healing and I have come to claim healing as the purpose of my work as a life coach.

My Word of the Year tends to bubble up from within me rather than me needing to look around for a word.

When my word first started to surface a couple of weeks ago, it was kind of like a whisper that you don’t clearly hear but you have a sense something was said. At first, you can pretend that you didn’t really hear it but it gets repeated and said louder until you finally listen.

The word that has surfaced loud and clear for 2020 is “Giving”.

Having now claimed Giving as my 2020 Word of the Year and sitting with it for about a week, it makes total sense that it would follow my year of “healing”.

Having dedicated energy to consciously acknowledge my heart and what it has been feeling, it is no longer carrying such a heavy load. It has much more capacity and energy to give and share.

With Giving as my word, I am making a dedication to donate all the profits from my business for 2020.

I haven’t yet figured out the how of it all. The first step was obvious. My wife, Amy, had to be in agreement with the plan as she will carry the responsibility of our daily living expenses. She’s awesome and always supports my big ideas! Her word of the year quite naturally showed up as “Generosity”.

My big hope is that I will have at least $20000 to donate after covering the costs of running my business.

This can happen if my Soul Sisters Circle is complete with 6 women and all four of my Heal your Heart Retreats are full.

I don’t know exactly where the money will be directed yet but in general it will go to nature conservation, reconciliation, animal welfare, and supporting women who have been marginalized.

What I’m focused on right now is filling spots in upcoming programs.

There is one spot left in the Soul Sisters Circle.

This is a yearlong program focused on personal growth, emotional healing, connection and compassion. Read more about it here, contact me if you’re interested, and please share with any  women in your life the Soul Sisters Circle might serve.

A Winter’s Embrace Retreat   February 14-17  (4 spots available)  read more here

Heal Your Heart Retreat    March 29-April 3 (there are 3 other options later in the year)  read more here

Those of you who read my email can help with my 20/20 Vision in a variety of ways:

  • If you’ve ever considered any of my services for yourself, this is the year to work with me.
  • You can also help by spreading the word about my services.
  • Direct them to my websites;
  • Forward my emails when you receive them.
  • Invite me to facilitate a talk with a group you’re involved in:
    • Your group of friends
    • Your wellness program at work
    • Your professional development group
    • Your clients if you work in the wellness field
    • Where you volunteer
    • Book club
    • Women’s church group

***The price will be determined by ability to pay…with a “pay-what-you-can” philosophy. I have a list of about 20 topics we could explore.

The amount I will have to donate will climb when my other services are purchased. These include (but aren’t limited to):

  • One-on-one life coaching packages
  • The Grief Recovery Method One-on-One Program
  • Helping Children with Loss Workshop for Parents and other Caregivers
  • A Winter’s Embrace Retreat
  • Camp KidAgain Re-Connection Retreat
  • Custom Nurtured by Nature Retreats for friends and family groups
  • Guided Nature Therapy Walks

More detailed information about programs will roll out throughout the year.

If you have any questions about my services or suggestions of how I could expand my invitations, please let me know. 


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