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HOPE – August 23 Word of the Week

If there’s one thing I know we need to hold on to in this time of significant and necessary change, it’s HOPE.

I spent some time pondering and sitting with this word HOPE last week. I’ve been experiencing an ebb and flow of hopefulness and hopelessness over the last several months, as I’m sure all of us tenderhearted rebels have.

I’ve come to a perspective of HOPE that leads me to, oddly and gratefully, a sense of HOPE.

hope is a verb not a noun
hope is an intention not a wish
hope is taking personal responsibility not projecting responsibility onto others

There are three elements that, from my current perspective, are necessary to experience hope.

1.A strong desire for something different
2.A belief that different is actually possible
3.A willingness to take action, without a guarantee of the desired outcome

And here are some self-reflection scaling questions that coincide with each of the elements listed above, that can help measure the hope:

1.How important is the “different” to you? (on a scale from 1-7)
2.How much do you believe that different can happen? (on a scale from 1-7)
3.How confident are you that you have the knowledge, skills and support to move towards what you desire? (on a scale from 1-7)
4.How much energy, commitment , dedication will you direct to the action? (on a scale from 1-7)
5.How willing are you to take the risk of not having a guaranteed outcome? (on a scale from 1-7)

How do you define hope?

How has hope been showing up in your life?

What are some of your hopes for the future?

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