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Explore Cross Canada Adventure

It was four days ago, March 31, and the temperature in Winnipeg reached 17 degrees which is pretty unheard of for this time of year. I took advantage of the beautiful day and went for a very long walk with my dog, Chobe. We were out for about three hours and it was the type of walk that had me fully present and connected with my environment. I felt like I could walk forever. It got me thinking about where I would end up if I just kept walking, one step at a time, without stopping. I imagined that I would eventually get to one end of Canada or the other, depending which way I decided to go.

At this particular point in my life, walking across Canada isn’t going to happen in the logical way of thinking. But with some imagination, the Explore Cross Canada Adventure was created. The idea is to get as many people as possible to contribute any self-powered distance they travel to a cumulative distance to add up to the total distance across Canada. This distance across Canda varies, depending on the source, but I used Google Maps to calculate the distance between St. John’s Newfoundland and Victoria, British Columbia, with walking as the travel mode. The route I chose basically follows the Trans Canada Highway and it came to a total of 6899 kms.  The total time estimated by Google Maps to cover this distance on foot is 51 days and two hours. This is constant walking at a speed of about 5.6 kms per hour. To test this estimate out, I walked 5.56 kms today and it took me one hour, three minutes, and 36 seconds. I had to stop to pick up after my dog twice, which is my excuse for a slower speed of 5.2 kms per hour. I guess it would take me more than 51 days if my dog came along. In case you’re wondering how I can be so acurrate with my distance, time, and speed, I have a Garmin Forerunner GPS that keeps track of all these things. It’s one of my favorite toys.

Back to The Cross Canada Adventure. There is now an open invitation for anyone interested to contribute their self powered travel distance. Walking, running, biking, swimming, wheel-chairing are all acceptable modes of transportation. The goal is to complete the distance in the month of April.

6899 kms in 30 days.

50 people doing 5 kilometres per day over 30 days equals 7500 kms

100 people doing 2.5 kilometres per day over 30 days equals 7500 kms

250 people doing 1 kilometre per day over 30 days equals 7500 kms

You get the picture.

What started out as a passing thought has grown to a call for action…for people to join together to contribute to what would be an amazing adventure.Imagine actually travelling across Canada under your own power! This idea has already activated me, and it happened quickly. My goal is to contribute 300 kms which is 10 kms per day. So far, I am three for three. I anticipate that I may miss a day or two for whatever reason, but I have a plan to bank extra distance by riding my bike for some 20 km rides. So now I’ve stated it publically and I feel like I need to stay accountable to this goal. It’s a powerful thing to share a goal or dream or idea with others!

My hope is that others will take on the challenge. I suggest setting a goal which will keep you on task and hopefully provide you with a sense of accomplishment by the end of April. For those of you already active, give yourself some credit and acknowledge your contribution to others by sharing your distance by entering it in the log.

Here’s the document link to add you distance to the log

Add your distance every time you travel on your own power or document you accumulated distance once a week. The choice is yours but I must say I like seeing what I have contributed on a daily basis.

That’s it. I hope you join in!

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