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Camp KidAgain: A Reconnection Retreat for MidLifing Women

Events > 2020 > July > Camp KidAgain: A Reconnection Retreat for MidLifing Women

About this event:

Created by Patti Phillips

Nurtured by Nature Retreat and Playhouse Pinawa, MB

A mindful summer camp-like experience guiding women to re-connect with joy through play, nature, and friendship.

If you’re a woman somewhere in the middle of your life, chances are you’re experiencing at least one (but likely more) significant life transitions.

  • kids leaving home
  • job change or retirement
  • change in or loss of relationships
  • changes in your body
  • caring for aging parents

Along with these changes, you may notice a disconnection from yourself, from your joy, from the things that really matter to you, from your dreams for the future.  You may hear a quiet voice that calls you to pay attention and take time to reconnect.

Playful Activities + Nature + Community + Sharing Circle Discussions +Nurturing Environment  = Re-Creation 


Spend five mindfully guided days and easeful nights renewing yourself and reconnecting with your authentic self at the Nurtured by Nature Retreat and Playhouse.

It’s no fun feeling stuck with the responsibilities of always having to act like an adult, in a pattern of doing the same old “supposed-to” things that do little to make your soul smile. 

Our Camp KidAgain Retreat is intended to find the just right middle ground between the freedom of childhood  and mindful, guided growth that comes with the wisdom of midlife. We trust that play and nature therapy walks will be our greatest teachers. Then we add just a hint of therapeutic life coaching by facilitating intention setting, group discussion, and reflective learning to ensure that the lessons learned find their way back into your regular life.

The Camp KidAgain Retreat is designed to support you to express your child-like spirit and nourish your body and soul.

  • It’s a space to let go of adult responsibilities and self-judgement.
  • It’s an opportunity to remind yourself just how strong and resilient you are.
  • It’s the chance to do what brings you joy and connect with other like-spirited women.

For complete details and registration information click on this link

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