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Do you want to feel like a kid again?

It seems to me that there is too much “adulting” for us in middle life. We have to pay bills, take care of our homes, take care of our bodies, take care of the needs of the people around us, and be responsible at work. It gets to be way too mundane for my liking.

Then when we’re not physically taking care of things, we worry about the state of the world and wonder what we can do to make things better. It’s a heck of a lot of responsibility.

Daily living as an adult (especially for women) can sometimes feel like a heavy load to carry and wouldn’t it be nice to put down the backpack for a few days?

I know people take summer vacations and go to their cottages but I can’t help but wonder how rejuvenating some of these get-aways are.

Pretty much every summer trip I’ve taken (which is usually a camping road trip), takes a heck of a lot of planning. What to pack? Where to stay? What to do along the way for fun? How to eat healthy away from home? How to manage unexpected events?

Remember when you were a kid and all you had to do was jump in the car at departure time, sit in the backseat, and listen to your Walkman? Everything along the way was taken care of and you could focus on enjoying the activities and had the freedom to play.

When was the last time you felt like you could just show up and focus on fun and your own joy making?

Even for you gals who get together at each others cottages, how much do you really allow yourself to be taken care of? The hostess has a heck of a lot of responsibility, even when everyone contributes to food and drink preparation. And if you’re a guest, the adult thing to do is to help as much as possible. And if you actually did consider letting yourself act like a kid, well, the resulting guilt just wouldn’t be worth it. That is not the way kids think.

I also think about how kids and adults experience “fun” differently.

From what I’ve seen, it seems quite typical that the fun to be had during weekends at the cottage or at a vacation resort revolves around sitting on the deck or dock drinking and eating unhealthy food. I don’t know about you, but a weekend like that for me is more tiring than energizing. Many people say this is relaxing and perhaps it is for some. For me, it’s quite boring.

Maybe my partner and I are unique, but we get our energy from playing when we go to our Nurtured by Nature Retreat and Playhouse in Pinawa. Every week-end we fit in as much hiking, biking and paddling as we can. We explore new trails, not knowing if we’re going to get lost and end up in a swamp. Alcohol simply doesn’t contribute to our fun because play takes us to an altered state of being, “flow”.

My intention is not to judge how women spend their free time together. Connection and community is so important regardless of what activities happen. I’m just familiar with what’s typical and I know that typical is not what I’m interested in. I believe there are lots of other women who are not interested in typical either, or would at least like an option once in awhile.

Just take a couple of minutes to imagine what a summer week-end of truly letting go of adult responsibilities would look like for you?

  • What would you do if you could fully let go of any guilt that that may arise from not putting everyone else’s needs ahead of yours?
  • How would it feel to not worry if your hair was messy, your clothes got dirty, your art project wasn’t perfect and you snorted when you laughed?
  • What would it be like to be nurtured; no cooking, no dishes, no cleaning, no big decision-making?
  • What would you do for play?

If stepping away from typical is important to you, and you feel ready to actually honour the kid in you, you have an option!

Have a look at my Camp KidAgain Retreat offer and explore if it’s just the thing you may be looking for.

Click here to read all about the Camp KidAgain Retreat.

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