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Explore Life Coaching, Patti Phillips

Change is Hard

If whatever you are doing that leads you to believe you are making a positive change in your life is not hard, then you are not changing.

If change was easy, we would all be happy, fit, spiritually enlightened, patient, communicative, contributing members of our community.

If you are trying to improve your relationship and you have not cried, you are not changing your relationship.

If you are trying to improve your eating habits and have not suffered any cravings, you are not changing your eating habits.

If your are trying to improve your fitness level and do not sweat, breathe heavy, or have a few aches and pains, you are not improving your fitness.

If you are trying to increase your understanding about spirtuality and have not struggled with having faith and unanswered questions, you are not on a spirutual journey.

If you have not dedicated at least three months of time, energy, money, and thought towards whatever change you want to make, you are not changing.

One of the hardest things about change can be asking for support. Many of us feel like we have to go it alone. It can often feeling like you are imposing if you ask a friend, partner, family member, or co-workers for support. It is also very difficult to expose your vulnerabilites to the people you are closest to. Other supports to consider when making change and positive improvement in your life include a priest, rabbi, guru, monk, minister or othe religious/spiritual leader, a personal trainer, a dietician, a life coach, a counsellor, a therapist, a doctor, and many others. The area in which you want to improve should lead you to the type of support to seek. If you are unsure of where to start, a life coach may be the first step to help focus the direction of change and figure out what other supports may be enlisted.

We celebrate overcoming the things that have challenged us. We take for granted those things that come easy. Pay attention to those things you work hard at changing. You are more likely to hold on to a new pattern of behavior as a result of the hard work because you don’t want to have to do it all over again. If it was easy, you could just go back to the old behavior, knowing  you could change it again.  The harder you work, the stronger the hold. The greater the challenge, the more confidence you will have to maintain the changes.

Change is hard. Establishing a new way of being once the change has taken hold, is freedom.

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