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Born in ’64

It’s creeping closer…my 50th birthday. In July, 2014, I will have been on this earth 50 years. This feels significant to me and I don’t want it to slip by, unnoticed like most of my birthdays.

I actually don’t like celebrating birthdays in a typical way. As a kid, having a summer birthday made me feel different than all my friends (it seemed like I was the only one I knew who was born in the summer). Because everyone was on holidays from school, I didn’t have parties with all my classmates. I always downplayed birthdays, convincing myself that it was no big deal. As long as I had a chocolate cake with money in it and candles to blow out, it was all good. For so many of my childhood birthdays, my family was actually away from home, camping somewhere in western Canada. So cake and camping; that’s what I associate with a happy birthday celebration.

One thing that has seemed weird to me about celebrating birthdays is that this “achievement” happens with no effort. Turning a year older has nothing to do with making a plan, having perseverance, setting an intention, or being committed to something important. It’s predictable and inevitable that this event will happen every year, whether we like it or not.

For this birthday coming up in 2014, 50 years old (maybe if I keep saying it often enough I might get a little desensitized) something feels different. Like I actually have accomplished something. Getting to be this age, 50, in a relatively healthy state, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, does have something to do with my choices of how I’ve lived my life.

So it has me in this place of anticipation. I know it’s more than a year away but I can’t help thinking about it. The idea of this number , 50, is a clear mid-point. Equal weight on both sides. Fifty years of past experiences and fifty years (yeah I know, maybe not)to create new experiences. I simply don’t want this milestone to be random. I want to celebrate and reflect and review all the things that have gotten me to this age. I want to create a year that I simply will not forget for the rest of my life.

I am starting to recognize that memories contribute significantly to my peace and happiness. I can choose what memories to focus on. The things I have done, how they made me feel, and how I shared these experiences with people. I can move into new experiences, knowing they will blend into my being. So, I am beginning to plan now and I am going to make this a whole year of intention, action, and reflection.

I want to include as many other women as possible in this year of celebrating fifty. A whole community who have grown up with the same influences, the same references, the same music, the same world events, the same role models, and the same social changes, etc. Being born in the same year, we also face similar challenges at this particular stage in our life. Aging parents, our own aging bodies, evaluating how we have spent our lives to this point and considering the legacy we want to leave, planning for retirement, fear of ill health in the years to come, relationship shifts with friends and family, etc.

Here’s the idea. The theme will be “One Year to Renew; Fifty Years to Review”. For the entire year of 2014, every women who has joined the community will receive a weekly email that includes a review of one specific year; what were the major news events, who were the popular celebrities, what were our favourite toys, what were our fashion trends, etc. The renew part of the email will focus on a particular personal growth theme. A simple article followed by an exercise to reinforce the learning. Over the course of the year, we will have reviewed every year from 1964 to 2014 and will have renewed ourselves through the completion of the 50+ exercises and reflections.

Included will be several opportunities for us to connect as a community of 50 year old women. A Facebook group will be set up for all members to post comments, jokes, ask questions, etc. Anything that comes to a 50 year old brain can be included.

Most exciting to me are the adventure retreats I am planning. These will bring between 6-10 of us together in exciting places to really celebrate and treat ourselves, along with opportunities to slow down. A perfect blend of Intention, Action, and Reflection. Here are the options I’m working on in partnership with Wild Women Expeditions.
•    Kauia, Hawaii Multi-Sport Adventure in March 2014
•    Haida Gwaii, B.C. Kayaking in July, 2014
•    and a third trip in September, 2014 that we need help in to decide on

These are big trips and I want you to start thinking of them now. It takes planning your time, getting the finances together, and committing your mind and body to a transformational experience.

Please let me know if you are interested in being part of this “Born in ‘64”, community. My intention is to begin gathering us now so that 9 months from now (it’s kinda like we were just conceived!!!), we will be ready to enter 2014 ready to celebrate the best year of our lives. And, if you are interested in the adventure retreats, space will be limited so let me know if you think you might be game for one (or more). I will then be able to start specifically planning the 3 most requested trips. I’ll let you know that I’m really going to advocate for the Hawaii trip…not just because it will be amazing to be there in March and away from winter, but because it fits our theme so perfectly; Hawaii 5-O. Contact me.

If you know any women who were born in 1964, please consider passing this information onto them. What a great birthday gift it would be to connect them with a group of kindred spirits.

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