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Is Your Authentic Self Trying to Burst its Banks?

With impending flood season nearing here in the Red River Valley, it has me thinking about this annual event metaphorically. We know that nature, and specifically water, is very powerful. The Red River has a natural path that it has followed for centuries. We humans have tried to change its nature; making the area adjacent to it into agricultural land, making it an area for housing, and trying to force it to flow a different route through diversion.

In some cases we have been able to redirect it from its natural flow for short distances. But at some point, the water has the need and the power to find its way back.

This is much like us humans. We are all born with a true nature; certain ways of seeing ourselves and expressing our gifts to the rest of the world. We are often influenced and directed to step away from our nature with the idea being that we will flow more easily with others, simply by attempting to fit in and not cause problems for the environment in which we live.

Like the river, we can be contained and diverted in an unnatural way for some period of time. For some, this can be their whole life. For others, they have always been in a natural flow. And for others, there is an awakening. Often somewhere in mid-life, typically between the ages of 35-60.

This call to break-free and step back into a more natural flow can be very powerful and at the same time scary. It is hard to resist the pull while also being aware that by going back to the natural self will have some impact on the people and environment around.

What is helpful in moving towards more authentic living is to go through a process of self-evaluation. This journey can be in the form of of self-help book or working with a professional guide (IE: Life Coach).

Two books I love and endorse are;
•    Adventure in Everything; How the Five Elements of Adventure Create a Life of Authenticity, Purpose, and Inspiration by Matthew Walker

  • Life is a Verb; 37 days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally by Patti Digh

These are such awesome books and I appreciate their simplicity.

The CORE MAP personal awareness assessment is also a great tool for getting a clearer picture who you. I love taking clients through this process and being in their presence when their breakthrough awareness occurs. Learn more about it here

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