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Are you a tenderhearted rebel?

Who is a tenderheated rebel, you may ask?

Over the years I’ve often been asked who I work with as a life coach. To be honest, I’ve often been stumped by that question. I can describe the demographics of my “typical” client. Woman, somewhere in midlife, middle class, white, privileged, mom, well-educated, cisgender, straight. (It seems a little funny that I myself am not all those things.)

But to describe the women in my circle at a deeper level, beyond their superficial characteristics, has proven to be more challenging.

But I think I’ve finally come up with a term that best describes my soul sisters, which is, you guessed it; tenderhearted rebels.

A tenderhearted rebel is a woman who is sensitive to and mindful of the full range of emotions we experience as humans on our life journey. We believe that life is not just experienced from the physical and intellectual way of knowing, but also honour our emotional and spiritual wisdom. We’re learning to accept all our emotions, from joy and gratitude, to grief and anger, and everything in between. We are brave enough to show our vulnerabilities, and have the discernment to know with whom it’s best to guard our tenderhearts.

Our tenderhearts make us sensitive to not just our own emotions but to those of other humans AND the more than human world. We are compassionate, empathetic, kind, curious, and courageous.

As rebels, we reject many of the beliefs that are the foundation of our dominant, western culture. We consistently question the systems that cause harm to women, people of colour, to LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, the marginalized and all the other than human beings we share this fragile planet with.

We rebel against the messages from social media, magazines, self-help books, so-called experts and advertising that tell us how we’re supposed to act, think, feel and consume. Instead we’re turning to nature, including the nature we hold within us, to guide us back to a wilder, simpler, more balanced way of life. We reject patriarchy PERIOD

We try to be brave in standing up against the status quo and this often leads us to feeling like we are standing alone.

But we don’t have to stand alone anymore.

The time is now for tenderhearted rebels to unite. Our society, our world needs us and we’re more powerful when we join together.

I am honoured to hold space for a small but growing circle of tenderhearted rebels who no longer have to stand alone. Together the love from our tenderhearts can spread exponentially. We are remembering our relationship with Mother Nature and slowing down enough to listen to her great wisdom. We are beginning to share our own authentic voices and with the support of each other are starting to speak louder.

If you’re a tenderhearted rebel, I’d love to hear your voice.


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