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How Coaching Works

Individual personal growth coaching can take place over the phone or in person.

Over the phone contact offers the advantage of being convenient to almost anywhere you may be and requires no travel time. This may fit best for those who can use their lunch break for the session or just want to be at home in a familiar atmosphere. As well, many clients find that coaching over the phone can be a more focused conversation and they actually may feel safer and more comfortable to be open, but this is a personal preference.

In-person coaching can create a very meaningful and intimate experience. With the option of adding an activity that pushes the comfort zone, personal growth can be accelerated. In person coaching is available to those living in the Winnipeg, Manitoba area. However, being an adventurous spirit, I may just travel to your location! The meeting locations vary depending on the client’s goals and if the session includes an adventure. Location and time is mutually agreed upon by the client and coach.

***Pre-payment for coaching is required. Alternative payment options can be explored. Please discuss with Patti during your Exploratory Coaching session.

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