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Soul Sisters Circle

It’s not news that we live in a time of disconnection. We communicate through machines. Politics, country borders, religions, gender and many other things divide people.  Most people in Canada spend the majority of their time indoors and out of touch with (our) nature.

We are constantly being told how to act, what to believe. what to wear, how to succeed, and so on. It’s nearly impossible to stay connected to the truth that gets buried deep within us; our authentic selves.

And some women are starting to say “ENOUGH”. They can feel a rebellion stirring in their hearts and it can feel really scary and unfamiliar to consider breaking free from the expectations placed upon them. It can also feel very isolating and lonely.

I’ve sensed a need women have to connect and feel supported in these challenging times, and in response I created what I call the “Soul Sisters Circles for Unlearning”. For the past four years, I’ve been facilitating these circles with small groups of women.

The Soul Sister Circle is a human to human community designed to help each woman within it to feel a sense of belonging, make and keep promises to herself, and get the love and support she needs to have the courage to stay true to her authentic self… even when listening to her heart feels like the last thing she can or wants to do. The circle is also a place where women get to offer support and witness the growth of other sisters within the circle. That’s the gift of the circle; everyone within the circle is equal with reciprocal giving and receiving.

It’s a supportive environment that guides women to explore deep within ourselves, to tap into our truest, most authentic selves, and identify the practical action steps to honour and share our gifts with the world.

The Soul Sisters Circle is also a safe space to experience healing. Without first healing our hearts from past emotional wounds, deep personal growth is limited. Like any garden that isn’t tended, if we don’t mindfully remove the weeds, they can take over and the flowers and fruit can’t develop.

Here’s what I believe and have witnessed in my almost 30 years of working in the therapeutic field:

  • Personal growth and healing come from sharing our stories and having them witnessed without judgement or someone wanting to fix things.
  • Personal growth and healing come from hearing others’ stories and offering compassion.
  • Personal growth and healing come from being in nature, connected relationships, and playfulness.

The Soul Sisters Circle offers all these personal growth and healing components, and then some.

The Soul Sisters Circle is not:

  • a social gathering of friends to hang out with and only talk about superficial topics. We gather in circle not to distract ourselves from the challenges in life, but rather to have the support to face those challenges to learn and grow from them.
  • group therapy because we’re not broken and don’t need to be fixed. We come together because we see what’s broken in the systems of our dominant culture and we want to work together to contribute to a solution.

The Soul Sister Circle is:

  • a group experience facilitated by me, Patti Phillips, in which I hold the space, both safe and brave, for us all to do the work we individually want to focus on, while keeping all participants united with the shared intention of honouring our authentic selves.
  • a year long commitment of time, energy and money from six tenderhearted women.
  • monthly in-person circle gatherings for sharing, support, accountability, mindfulness, healing, growth, and authenticity.
  • four seasonal weekend retreats at the Nurtured by Nature Retreat in Pinawa, MB.
  • a dedication to the collective healing for our world.

Cost: Your enrollment fee included:

  • 12 facilitated sharing circles (monthly)
  • The four all-inclusive week-end retreats (2 nights accommodations, 6 meals, guided Nature Therapy Walk, access to equipment, other guided sessions)
  • private, online sharing circle to stay connected and committed between in-person gatherings
  • $2400.00 for the year (can be paid in installments of needed)

The Soul Sister Circle is by application. Because it is a small group and the duration of the circle is for an entire year, it’s extremely important that every circle members is aligned with the foundational intentions of the circle.

If you’d like to apply, simply email me here

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