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What Clients are Saying

“What I want to say to women who are thinking about joining an Explore Life Group is how important it is to take care of you, and that means taking the time, energy, resources to fulfill the commitment to yourself and to the team.  The explore life group is a phenomenal experience, well worth the money and certainly worth the time and energy.  It is unlike anything I have done before.  You are in great hands with Patti!  Go for it!”

– Joanne van Dyck, Winnipeg, CANADA

“I find our discussions very enjoyable, insightful and helpful. Talking with Patti about my progression and ideas for my business make it seem so real and help make the picture clearer and more a reality rather than a thought. She challenges me to come up with the answers for myself and spurs thoughts that I would not have considered.”

Angela Hanoski, Vancouver, CANADA

“If you want to meet new people who share a common vision and energy for a life adventure; this is the service for you. I also want to mention that the coach was well organized, dedicated to all members as individuals and as a unified team. Patti coached with energy, integrity, honesty, patience and spirit!”

– Lisa Haley, Winnipeg, CANADA

If you have a goal and truly want to make it happen, join an Explore Life Group and see it all come to light…makes it fun and almost effortless!”

– Janique Hebert, Winnipeg, CANADA

“Patti is responsible for supporting me to achieve a goal that I considered unattainable.  This life altering experience created a confidence and belief in my own abilities and consequently some significant changes.  Her gentle approach, guidance and  mentorship have inspired me to explore possibilities to live a life that truly brings me joy.  Patti has a passion for living an “authentic life”, I will forever be indebted to her gifts and friendship. ”

Susanne Moore, Starbuck, CANADA

“Explore Life Coaching helps one to stretch and grow and learn about yourself in ways that you may never imagine is possible. Whether you try an Explore Life Group, an adventure retreat or just a session, there are limitless opportunities for learning and growth in positive ways. I found my experience to be empowering and enriching in so many aspects of my life; I have a new respect for myself partly from my experience and also from modelling that “ I can do it” for my children.  (After encouraging them at all their events, it is fun to be encouraged by my kids as I trained and participated in this adventure; they saw how good it was for me and did not begrudge my time away from them which has been so cool .)”

Kate Evans, Winnipeg, CANADA

“The Explore Life Group offers a wonderful opportunity to do something incredible with amazing people.  The added feature is the chance to work individually on your personal growth through life coaching.  For me, this was a great chance for growth, adventure and friendship that I won’t forget.”
Dee Coughlin, Winnipeg, CANADA

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