Explore Life Coaching, Patti Phillips

Is This You?

You know that if you don’t make a change, you’ll be settling or even worse, giving up on yourself.

You’re looking for something, but you’re not quite sure what.

You’re asking yourself questions like:

  • Why do I feel so dissatisfied in my life when I have all the things I’m supposed to have?
  • Will I only be happy with my work if I find another job (and give up everything I’ve worked for)?
  • What do I do to add adventure, newness, and play to my life?
  • How do I feel connected again with my partner/my friends/my family members?
  • At the end of the day, how do I find a way to feel like my life has meaning, like I’ve made a difference?
  • How do I make changes that I believe will make me happy without feeling guilty and afraid I’ll hurt the people I love?
  • If I keep living the way I am, will I have deep regrets?
  • What do I do now that…

                      my children are independent?
                      I’m working less/retired?
                     my body no longer let’s me do the things that make me feel alive?
                     I have to care for my aging parent(s)?
                    I no longer have my parent(s)?

The people I work best with are…

  • awakening to their true, authentic self, knowing that they no longer agree with the expectations and assumptions that have been placed upon them by others.
  • willing to be vulnerable with me; able to open up, share their true feelings (both comfortable and uncomfortable), express their thoughts (even if they’re scary and seem silly or unimportant), and reflect on their mistakes and failures because that’s where the best learning is.
  • wanting to explore their unique personal needs and are ready to discover a path that allows them to walk consistently in a manner that honours their unique values and passions.
  • willing to take chances, learn through experience, and take responsibility for every aspect of their lives.
  • playful and can laugh at themselves, trying their best to let go of perfection and negative self-judgment.

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