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One-on-One Coaching

For those who are curious about exploring life through coaching, know that there is no ready-made map that you can buy or have given to you. The map is one you have to create for yourself. Even if this seems a little scary, please trust that by middle life, you have an abundance of experience, knowledge and personal insight within you to draw from. The coaching process provides the structure for you to design your map based on your values, beliefs, personality, needs, lifestyle, and past experiences.

The life coaching I offer is not a program or course with a pre-determined agenda and topics. I believe it’s in the conversation between client and coach that the most relevant questions, perspectives and resolutions make themselves known. It’s from a place of awareness that change and growth occurs.

I like to call what I guide people on as an “INVENTURE”…an inner adventure of self discovery. It’s no small feat to find the way to your true, authentic self, given all the distractions and demands of life and the constant messages of how we’re “supposed” to be.

With an expert coach by your side you have

  • an impartial support to help you choose the path that best meets your needs and values
  • a caring pair of eyes to keep watch for the detours and obstacles
  • an accountability partner to hold your focus on your intentions (even when you want to go back to where it was comfortable)
  • and an accepting friend to remind you to stop along the way to recognize and celebrate the distance you’ve covered.

I offer coaching as a package rather than just individual sessions. Each package includes the following:

  •  two, 1-on-1 life coaching conversations per month (ideally two weeks between sessions), of up to 60 minutes.
  • email support between scheduled sessions to share successes, challenges, and ask questions
  • self-assessment progress reports and reflections
  • personalized challenge activities and customized homework to move you forward

Explore Coaching Package – One Month      $230

Discover Coaching Package – Three months  (6 sessions)      $600

Journey Coaching Package –  One year (12 or 24 sessions)      $1100 or $2200

If you’re ready to hire me as your guide, please send me an email and we’ll set up the Free Exploratory Consult to decide together how to proceed.

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