One-on-One Coaching

For those who are curious about exploring life through coaching, know that there is no ready-made map that you can buy or have given to you. The map is one you have to create for yourself. Even if this seems a little scary, please trust that by middle life, you have an abundance of experience, knowledge and personal insight within you to draw from. The coaching process provides the structure for you to design your map based on your values, beliefs, personality, passions, lifestyle, and past experiences.

30 Minute Free Exploratory Session

How much time and money would you invest if you absolutely knew you would gain:
  • a renewed sense of energy?
  • the ease to make decisions based on what was right for you and not to please others?
  • the knowledge you were living with purpose and making a real difference?
  • more joy, more peace,  more fun, and a deeper connection with like-spirited women?
  • time to breathe and freedom from stress, external expectations and pressure?

But we all know that women struggle to invest in themselves. There are many demands on both our time and our money and it’s hard, really hard to make a change.  And it’s scary to admit we need support and guidance. We’re supposed to be able to do it all by ourselves, right?

So I want to make it feel safe and a little easier to take that first baby step towards investing in yourself.  I want to be the one to help you define the path you want to journey.  This free Exploratory Session with me is intended to help you figure out a direction for growth. The session may uncover some barriers and some motivations and some strategies. Obviously, in 30 minutes we’re not going to discover all the answers. Maybe we’ll learn that we don’t “click”. But hopefully we discover we are a good fit for a coaching relationship and we’ll decide together which, if any, of my services make the most sense for you to move towards you dreams and a happier life.

Take your first step. Take a risk.  Contact me to set up your free Exploratory Session.

Please note that a limited number of consults are available per month. I only work with a maximum of ten individual clients at a time so that I can give them my best attention.

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