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Winter’s Embrace Retreat

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About this event:

Created by Patti Phillips

Nurtured by Nature Retreat Pinawa MB


Receive the Gifts of our Season for Stillness

Rest, Reflection and Re-creation for Women

This February, spend three easeful days and three cozy nights in the stillness of the winter season. Take the time and the space to do what the season of winter calls us to do; retreat, rest, reflect, recover, recreate.

Experience the quiet and connection at the Nurtured by Nature Retreat and Playhouse on the edge of the Whiteshell, where the prairie meets the forest.

Signs that may be telling you to be open to receive winter’s embrace:

  • You feel like you never really got a chance to recover from the hectic time of the holiday season of December and January…and the September rush before that…and the party/vacation mode of the summer before that and…
  • You love spending time with your family and friends but it would be so nice to have a break from living up to being the person they expect you to be.
  • You’ve experienced a major life transition/loss (retirement, career change, end of a significant relationship, loss of a loved one, etc.) and you just need time and space to be with your feelings without the pressure of having to fix anything.
  • You have an underlying thought of “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t fit” as a result of too much time on social media and playing the comparison game (this is the one I’m most guilty of).

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