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Personal Purpose Statement Workshop

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About this event:

Created by Patti Philips

My home in Winnipeg: address will be shared with those who register


A Personal Purpose Statement provides clarity, direction, and a sense of meaning for your life. It offers a reflection of your values and beliefs, providing guidance for how to show up in the world in a way that seems right for you.

The Personal Purpose Statement workshop is for women who may feel stuck in their external circumstances but are willing to explore making internal changes to create more peace and joy in their lives.

Too often our identity gets defined by our work and relationships, and we lose sight of who we really are. It becomes harder and harder to connect to that place in our hearts where we know we have unique gifts that we are somehow meant to share. In times like these, a personal purpose statement can be your guide back to your true self and help to align your actions with your values and beliefs.

The workshop will provide the space and guidance to help you begin to craft your personal purpose statement, knowing that it typically evolves over time when given intention and attention.

In this five hour workshop you will:

  • Explore what is meant by “purpose” and create your own definition.
  • Inquire into your past to remember when your purpose has already shown up in your life.
  • Prioritize your values.
  • Claim your gifts.
  • Create a personal purpose statement that will guide you to focus your energy, actions, and decisions towards the things that are most important to you.

What to expect:

  • Group discussions and paired interviews are part of the workshop.
  • You’ll be guided through a visualization/meditation.
  • An invitation to access the creative part of your brain (yes, everyone has one).
  • Touching on the idea of a Divine Power.
  • No more than 8 participants.
  • It will be in my home so you’ll be exposed to 2 dogs and a cat.
  • Homemade soup and bread served for lunch.

If any of this makes you want to hide out in the bathroom, this probably isn’t the workshop for you.

Cost: $125 includes lunch

Payment can be made by clicking on this Paypal link

If you need to use another payment method, let me know and we’ll sort it out.

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