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About this event :

A Playful Retreat for Midlifing Women

Camp KidAgain is for women who want to return to a time in life when they were free to play, like a kid, if just for  short time.

It’s for “midlifing women” which to me simply means women who have established themselves in their lives. They have enough life experience to have learned what isn’t working and enough life time remaining to shift in a direction to get more of what is working. Mid-career, mid-relationship, middle aged, and somewhere in the middle of processing life losses will be common.

“Playful retreat” keeps the event with a certain tone of purpose, reflection, and growth.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but “adult camps” seem to be growing in popularity. The idea is for organizers to rent a traditional kids’ camp and open it up to adults to use all the amenities. Imagine 100-200 adults ranging in age from 20-40, males and females, sleeping in bunk beds with up to 12 in a room. Toss in a daily happy hour and a nightly dance party and you have “adult camp”. Think party rather than play.

FYI…this is not Camp KidAgain. Our focus is on play rather than party. We have limited the numbers to 8 women plus your hosts. No climbing to get into bunk beds. And our idea of happy hour is sharing the highlights of your day of play. But we don’t want to rule out dancing, if you’re so inspired.

Our Camp KidAgain is intended to find the right middle ground between reckless abandon and mindful, guided growth. The focus is on play and outdoor activities being the teachers with just a hint of me coaching and facilitating intention setting, group discussion, and reflective learning.

What do you get?



Four Days Of Playful Activities
* hiking and biking
* group challenges
* tubing
* relaxing
* swimming
* crafting
* paddling (kayaks, canoe, stand-up paddleboard)
* campfires
* colouring
* all activities will be led by your co-hosts, Amy and Patti, who will share their love of the outdoors and knowledge of the local area

Home-Style Accommodations and Meals
* beautiful natural setting of Pinawa only one hour’s drive from Winnipeg
* room shared with only one other woman in hotel quality twin beds
* indoor and outdoor shared spaces
* indoor and outdoor quiet spaces
* bug-free screen room
* healthy, whole food, home cooked meals (no frozen lasagnas or french fries)
* wifi free zone

How much does it cost?

We asked ourselves, what’s the lowest price we can offer our campers that isn’t budget prohibitive, gives a high amount of value and covers our expenses?

We settled on $300. That’s less than $100 a day.

Think of this as an all-inclusive camp retreat experience where all the planning and preparation is done for you and your main responsibility is to just play.

So what’s the catch?

The price of this introductory experience has been discounted (probably by half price) because we want your input and feedback to help us make this a great experience for this year and years to come.

There are only 8 spots available and they will be sold on a first come first served basis.

Just send me an email if you think you’d like to be part of this playful adventure.




About The Nurtured By Nature Retreat and Playhouse

Located just an hour from the perimeter of Winnipeg and on the doorstep of the Whiteshell Provincial Park lies the beautiful community of Pinawa.

The retreat property sits on a large yard of mixed forest, with water views and easy lake access. The four seasonally decorated guestrooms have two beds for shared accommodations. A well-sized bathroom is shared by all guests and requires some cooperation to coordinate showers.

The great room on the main floor has a wall of windows that overlooks the forest and lake beyond. Perfect for watching birds and the abundant deer. This is where we gather for group sessions and quiet reflection.

The large kitchen has its own special vibe with bright, large windows on both sides of the room to let nature flow in. Feel free to gather around the huge island and chat with the cook, stir a pot, or ask a question.

There are lots of opportunities to escape to the great outdoors, either to the large screen room (sorry, as perfect as it is here, we haven’t eliminated mosquitos and other bugs), the large water facing deck, the forest hammocks, and the sun-drenched front porch.

Take a few more steps away from the house and wander through our “Wonder Woods” (look for the wonder boxes hanging from the trees). Soon you’ll reach the Trans Canada Trail for a walk, run or bike ride along the river’s edge. Launch a kayak, canoe, or stand-up paddle board from our “backyard” dock and in minutes you’re completely immersed in water heaven. Take your yoga mat and do a sun salutation on Canadian Shield rock.

The resident dogs, Chobe and Clover, bring nature indoors, sometimes right onto your lap. The cat, Sedona, will do her best to keep herself invisible while on your visit, but don’t be alarmed if you see a tailless cat out of the corner of your eye…you aren’t seeing things.

With all the amenities of a community that gives you a feeling of comfort, security, and safety, (including a hospital, grocery store, gas station, bank, library, tennis courts, golf course, art gallery) it’s hard to believe a fulfilling natural and spiritual experience is possible so close to the city. But that’s the gift of Pinawa…it truly is the best of both worlds.

Stay close to journey far.

Just send me an email if you think you’d like to be part of this playful adventure.

Your host : Patti Philips

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    LOVE THIS IDEA…Going to try and find a good roomie :)


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