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Your Authentic Self – at the CORE

One of the biggest obstacles that gets in the way of people living a life of peace, joy and purpose is lack of clarity of who they truly are and what they deeply value, at their core. Explore Life Coaching uses a comprehensive assessment tool called the CORE MAP® which helps people to identify their “authentic self”. When people are living in a way that honours their passions, values and true self, every aspect of life, from work to relationships to recreation to overall health, is optimized.

The journey of self discovery and personal growth is an ongoing process. Some of the journey is walked independently and other times it’s important to have a guide to offer support.

On my own journey of self-discovery, I have taken a variety of personality assessments over the years. They include the Myers Briggs, DISC, the Enneagram, and True Colors. They all provided some valuable insight into who I am but not all the pieces seemed to fit and I found myself looking for ways to prove the results wrong. Eventually, I forgot my colour and my 4-letter code and my number and my behavior style.

When I became a certified life coach, I wanted to re-visit personality assessments as a service I might provide to my clients to help them identify their authentic self. Given my personal experience, I was skeptical of those assessments that were done in a group setting and simply provided a final report of “this is who are you” and just something to creating interesting conversation.

I know people are way too complex and dynamic to fit into a box and a simple description. I also know people tend to answer questions in a way that will give them the profile they desire rather than one that reflect who they truly are. So I had to find an assessment that would provide valuable insight into one’s self but also honoured the depth of a person and not just mirror the person they present to others.

In my search, I discovered the CORE MAP.

The CORE MAP assessment is truly unique. It looks at more than just your self- perceptions, current preferences, and observable traits. It identifies your natural traits, emotional intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, coping abilities, motivators, energizers, areas of natural strength and resistance.

The CORE process uncovers if you have been conditioned by outside influences to function as you currently are. In fact, research suggests that more than 50% of people who have taken a personality assessment have profiled inconsistent with their authentic self.

The CORE MAP looks deeply to get an accurate picture of your authentic self, but also what personal skills you have developed and those you can intentionally choose to improve.

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