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Explore Life Coaching, Patti Phillips

Acknowledge your feelings during mid-life

Five year ago, the term “mid-life” was not really in my frame of reference. The only thoughts I really had about it was that some people went through a “mid-life” crisis.

But as I approached fifty, it become very apparent to me that “mid-life” is a really thing and I was in it. I discovered it’s an actual stage of life we will all go through (if we’re blessed to live that long). Depending on the person and their circumstances, it can be experiences as a crisis, a seamless transition, a celebration, a renewal, or a transformation.

For me, it felt like a transformation as I was pulled to learn more about this life stage and focus my life coaching practice to support people, especially women, through it.

As well, it was clear that for me personally, it wasn’t a time to become complacent and settle. Mostly, I have felt unsettled during this time. I have been restless…like there’s a positive, important energy within me that needs to come out.

It took awhile for me to identify that feeling of restlessness and understand how to direct that energy. I know it will shift as I continues to progress and grow in this life, but for now, my restlessness has eased because I know where to direct the energy…at helping others to ease their restlessness.

If you find yourself feeling restless, here’s some idea I’d like to suggest:

  • read “The age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife” by Marianne Williamson
  • connect with a community of other mid-lifers who want to talk about their experience of mid-life, not run away from it
  • learn something new to prove to yourself you still have growing to do
  • do yoga and other physical activity to keep your body capable of doing the things you love for as long as you can
  • eat real food that will energize you
  • clarify what’s most important to you and direct your resources at those things. You only have so much time, energy, and money, so invest wisely!
  • if you feel completely stuck or lost, find a life coach, counselor, therapist, or other spiritual healing to help guide you to move forward

I provide complimentary, 30 minute exploratory life coaching sessions if you want help to figure out where to start to get unstuck. Contact me here.


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